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Weezer on Lopez

My beloved Weezer have been at it again!  Here they are on Lopez Tonight performing “Can’t Stop Partying”:


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Like this?  See more at www.liquiddesire.wordpress.com

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A nice little surprise from the ol’ Twitter feed this afternoon.  My favourite band Weezer have covered The Monkees “I’m a Believer” for the upcoming movie Shrek 4.  Have a listen:

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Liquid Desire

My creative outlet is back after a bit of a hiatus.  The rush of life momentarily clogged the flow of creative energy, but now, IT’S BACK.

Enjoy:  www.liquiddesire.wordpress.com

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Hee hee hee!

One of the guys at work has been overseas for the last four weeks, and is back in the office on Monday.  I decided that we needed to organise a bit of a ‘welcome home’ present.  So, here is his office before we began the ‘organising’….

And here, after a little bit of work, is his office once we finished!  Stacked from floor to ceiling with a zillion archive boxes.  Ha ha ha! Welcome back Nicko!

I am an evil genius!

Oh yeah, and while we are on the subject of cool photos, check out Mrs Ezakimak and her new hairdo!

Right! Time to go and start my weekend!

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Ugh! I am SO OVER my laptop at the moment!!

For the THIRD time in six months I am unable to use it due to it playing up.  I am very happy that I purchased the extended warranty though otherwise getting it fixed would have cost me a fortune.  The lease on it is due to run out in July, so I will be glad to see the back of it!

So for the moment I have my work laptop and I am playing catch up.  I have been frantically throwing pictures on FunnyWeirdCool, CommanderPayne and updating all the other things that I like to updaterise.


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The first week of May means one very important thing in Melbourne: The Melbourne International Jazz Festival!  A week long celebration of all things jazz, from masterclasses to panel discussions, to art installations to what everybody loves – live jazz.

Tonight after work, I went to one of the free concerts that are being held each day at lunchtime and 5pm. The band I heard today were called The 12 Tone Diamonds and they were quite simply BRILLIANT. They had a very similar style as The GreyBoy AllStars or Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro. If you have heard either of those groups then you will know what I mean when I say that its the kind of music that makes you close your eyes and let invade your senses. They were funked out groovin’ ecstasy. I had a total blast sitting there listening to them, tapping my toe and feeling the vibe. It was very, very cool.

The highlight of the night was standing near the stage during the last song, and having the keyboardist, slapping his keys and fully zoned, look over at me and just smile and nod. Every now and then when it comes to live music, especially with live jazz, there are moments when everything is just perfect. That was one of those moments.

Saturday is the last day of the festival, and we are planning to head back to Federation Square and catch the last concert. Yeeehaaaa!

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