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OMG this is quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life:

(Give it a second to load up, it is WORTH IT)


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One of the many things that I love about this country is that when a public holiday falls on a weekend, they roll the holiday over to the Monday, thus ensuring everyone gets a break.  Awesome!  This weekend is ANZAC weekend.

I have taken today off work too so this is a long long weekend.  The Old People go home on Sunday.  So taking the time to jam in some last minute sightseeing.

Until next time…..

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Click here to see the new video for Weezer’s “I’m Your Daddy” from the album RADITUDE:


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I love being on holiday.

Yes I do.

Yes I do.

Noonie noonie noo!

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Yeehaa!  Not only is it the Easter long weekend, I also have the rest of next week off too.  Totally stoked.

Shortly we will be off to the city to go to Retro Cafe for lunch.  We were going to go for brunch, but we have been sitting around chatting, doing crosswords and drinking coffee, for so long that brunch time has passed and it is more like lunch now.

After Retro we are going to look around the rest of Fitzroy, my favourite part of the city, and then depending on the time, we may head out to Geelong for a walk along the waterfront to finish off the day.  If we would find somewhere to have some fish and chips there, that would be cool.

What will the day bring?

Good times.

Great food.

Great conversation.

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