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Memorial night

It is Memorial night tonight.

An opportunity to reflect and say thanks to Big J so,



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Shepherds pie!

You know mumma’s in the house when you come home and there is the beautiful smell of shepherds pie baking in the oven. OMG it was so yum!

Yep, as I mentioned the other day, the olds are here for five weeks to spend some time chilling, relaxing and generally doing as little as possible!  Already the few days they have been here have been great fun, we went to dinner in Williamstown on Monday night and went for a long and leisurely walk down the beach to watch the sun go down last night.

In the weeks ahead we have lots planned.  We will be spending time in the city, down the coast, inland, everywhere possible that we can jam in during the time we have.  I have Easter weekend off and the week following, so we have lots of time up our sleeve.

Let the relaxing begin!

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One more sleep!

Yup, one more sleep until the peace is shattered.


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Mrs B and I have just walked in the door from a lovely evening with some old friends from New Zealand.  They are here for a week attending a chef masterclass, so we took the opportunity to catch up in one of our old haunts in Lygon Street: Mercadante.  As usual, the food was excellent, the service was prompt and friendly and all the staff were a little bit cheeky.  All good fun.

So nice to catch up with friends, friends we haven’t seen in almost a year and half.  So nice to just sit around, catch up and chill out.  It is a mark of true friends to be able to catch up with each other after a long time a part, and start talking like no time has passed at all.

Fair to say, we just can’t flippin’ wait for Mum and Robin to arrive on Sunday now!

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First, of all, thanks to everyone who has made contact with us to see how we are!  The good news, we are all fine and all in one piece.  We have had a jolly good thrashing in the last few days, weather like I have never ever seen in my life.  Since being in Melbourne, we have seen the full range of weather – extreme bushfires and now flash floods and hail storms.

The hail on Saturday afternoon was coming in horizontally.  The ground was being flicked up like it was being sprayed with a machine gun.  The building we were in (the Melton Assembly Hall) began to leak everywhere.  The downpipes couldn’t cope with the amount of water that was coming in and were getting blocked by hailstones so the water was back flowing into the roof where it was coming out and into the building.  Apparently we got 19mm of rain in 20 minutes.  Pretty full on!

Here are some videos that people have put onto YouTube documenting just how had it was.  The second vid shows exactly what it was like.  The noise was deafening and it was literally like being inside a big giant washing machine.

On Sunday we had a bit of sunshine here and there, but by the time evening came around, the rain was back.  We had another good thrashing which lasted until bedtime when it eased off a bit.  It came back around 3 am for another hour or so.  It was bad enough that we had clothes and food packed just in case the State Emergency Service knocked on the door and told us to GTHO.

Today the rain has been on and off, so hopefully we are through it all now and we can get some good ol’ Melbourne sunshine back!

Again, thanks to everyone who made contact via email, FaceBook and text to check up on us.

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Yes, as you may have ascertained, I am glad it is Friday!  To make things even better, it is a long weekend as Monday is Labour Day here in Victoria.  And then, to make it even more betterer, I have next Tuesday off work too.  So it’s a long looong weekend.


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