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Got my laptop back!

I finally feel that my life is complete again!  My laptop has come back from the warranty shop.  I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say that it is a lot easier to use now that the power cord is actually allowing power into the machine.  Anyhoo……

Bit of a cool day here today.  We had another working bee at the KH this morning.  We just did a little bit of painting here and there.  Pretty much touch ups from the work we did a couple of months ago.  Its all done now so we shouldn’t have to worry about it now.

I’m a bit tired this afternoon, this past week was a huge one.  I had three days of meetings and workshops that I had to organise for DataBank.  It was a big job but it all went of without a hitch so that was good.  Next week I am back into Escrow so that should be fun – training, training and more training!

Dunno who this guys is, but he was at The Blue Party we had last weekend…


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Well, you would be wrong.  I know it has been ages since I last posted, two weeks in fact, but I have a jolly good reason.  Two jolly good reasons actually.  One, the wireless card in my laptop has decided to stop working.  Two, the power cord for the laptop has a loose connection.  Both of these things combined make using the laptop a little difficult.  So the whole lot is back in the warranty shop getting sorted out.  This means that we are down to one laptop in the house – a disastrous ratio for blogging capabilities!

Anyway, things have been ticking over nicely.  I am well and truly settled in the new job.  I am in the groove of shuffling paper from one side of my desk to the other and sipping on lattes while scrolling through the internet.  Just kidding, things are nice and busy and I am picking up the new stuff quick smart.  It has been fun learning new processes; all this training and experience will sure look good on the CV.

Mrs B and I had a lovely dinner last weekend.  We went to a little place in Hardware Lane in the city called Vialetto Ristorante.  Boy oh boy it was nice.  Specialising in Italian cuisine it really set the tastebuds dancing.  The bonus is there is a jazz band that plays live in the Lane so you can sit outside under the stars, enjoy your meal and relax to the fine sounds of Helibopter.  It was such a lovely evening and something we must do again soon.

In other BIG news, da mumma and da papa are on their way to see us!  Man, we can’t wait to finally catch up with them.  It will be their first visit here since we left New Zealand in October 2008.  In fact they will be our first overseas visitors since we moved here.  We have heaps planned so it should be a really good time.  It will be a nice mix of sightseeing, relaxing, chilling out, wine drinking, port drinking, cheese, salami, crackers and music.  Did I mention chilling out?

Yeehaa it’s gonna be awesome!

Well, that is all for now, hopefully next time I write it will be from my own laptop – working properly and hassle free…

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Week two!

Today marks a week and a half of the new job and boy what a ride it has been!  Right from day one I was straight into Escrow training, ISO training, OH&S training, training training, all sorts of training.  After the first week, my brain was packed full of information.  It’s all good fun though.  It’s nice to have a lot of variety in the day.  There is a lot of brain work involved so I am enjoying getting the grey matter exercised.

In addition to all that, I have been absolutely flat out after hours too.  From employee of the month dinners to Circuit Assembly practices to meetings, to epic FS days to catching up with friends for dinner, it has been a mad couple of weeks.  This weekend may hold some respite though.  The Circuit Assembly part has to be done at both the neighbouring circuits assembly, which is this weekend, and at our one which is on the 6th and 7th of March.  The part is just after lunch, so that means we can have a sleep in Saturday morning, get up late and then mosey on over to the Assembly Hall which is about 45minutes from where we live.  Then on Sunday we have an afternoon meeting which means we can sleep in again in the morning.

Sounds like a good plan to me!

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