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From bush to beach

What an awesomely cool few days we have had!  From bush to beach we have seen some of the best that Victoria has to offer.  It all started on Saturday morning at 4am when we dragged our sorry carcasses out of bed and chugged a litre of coffee to jolt our bodies into movement.

We hit the road with the Veltri clan at about 5.30 and instantly fell into raucous banter and teasing.  It is so much fun spending time with people on the same whacked out wavelength.  The couples of hours that passed before we got to Alexandra whizzed by.  We had a yummy breakfast there before continuing on our way.  After a beautiful trip through Eildon National Park we arrived in the teeny tiny town of Jamieson.  We were there just long enough to grab another coffee before heading up the road to Grannys Flat where our mates were camping.

Grannys Flat is a stretch of flat land along side the Jamieson River.  Our friends were camped at the far end of the site and were well set up.  Before long we were all in the water, the river is literally 3 meters from the tents and only knee deep, just perfect for splashing around in.  We rode the rapids, swam down the river, were attacked by giant killer river prawns and lazed in the sun drinking beer.  That was all before lunch.

After lunch, it was more of the same, paddling in the water and enjoying the cool refreshment of the clear river water.  We then prepared dinner.  Our friends are South African so it was traditional tucker on the menu.  We had potjie (pronounced poy-key) with some sausages and steak, and it was just fabulous.  It really hit the spot after a day of frolicking.  As evening fell, we made our way back into Jamieson leaving behind the very chilled out location of the camp and our mates.  We had booked in for the night at the local pub and after a steaming hot shower, we crashed into bed.

The next morning we hit the road to Mansfield, a town near to Mount Buller, the local ski hub.  The town is a hive of activity even in the summer, due in part I am sure to the brilliant cafes and the delicious food on offer.  We had a very long and lazy breakfast of french toast, BLT rolls and fruit toast smothered in home made jams.  Just sitting in that cool cafe chatting and laughing was so relaxing, so much fun.

With bursting bellies we hit the road again and town hopped our way across the state taking the long and leisurely way back home.  We stopped in a place called Castlemaine and nosed through the shops.  There was this amazing second hand / nick nack / everything you could ever imagine shop there that had us intrigued for hours.  At dinner time we went to Capones, a gangster themed pizza place.  I cannot put into words how great the food was.  I had a souvlaki lamb pizza and the aroma alone sent my tastebuds into a tidal wave.  Castlemaine and Capones are totally on the list of places to visit for anyone who comes to stay.  Fantabulous!

From there we made our way home and slunk into bed tired, but fully satisfied with our adventures, the photos, and all the new memories.  A huge thank you to the Veltri’s for taking us along and being the great mates that you are.  🙂

I had work on Monday, but Tuesday was a public holiday – Australia Day.  This is one of my most favourite holidays over here.  It is a day when it is fully expected that you will sleep in, have a lazy day and have a BBQ for dinner.  Very Australian indeed.  We slept late and then went down to our favourite spot in a little place called Ocean Grove.  It was about 23 degrees, clear blue skies and nice warm water.  After reading a big chunk of our books, we put them down and went for a swim.  We paddled for ages and spent a lot of time just sitting in the shallows letting the warm water wash over us.  Very relaxing indeed.

Good times.


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One more week to go!

Not long now until I start the new job.  I am really looking forward to the change in role, it will be nice to have more variety in my day!  Got told today that my new phone has arrived and that they are sorting out a laptop for me.  Next week my office will sorted, all ready for the big day on February 1st.  Can’t wait!

Got a big weekend this weekend.  We have some friends that are camping up between Jamieson and Mount Buller, about three hours away.  We are going to visit them with some other friends and we are taking up a whole pile of breakfast stuff.  It means an early start, but it will be a great day out.  We are going to stay the night up there and then go exploring on Sunday.

Time for an early night!

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What a week!

Man this week has been sooooo busy.  I just haven’t had the time to update the ol’ blog here.  The good news is I got the Admin Manager job that I had applied for.  We are super stoked about it.  It is a great package and I will still be with Databank, so all the boxes are ticked.  Very cool indeed.  It all starts on February 1st.

In other news, we are car shopping at the moment.  There are lots of brothers in the local congo’s who are involved in the various aspects of car purchasing so we are being well looked after.  Watch this space for a pic of the new wheels once we decide on something!

Ugh, bedtime so tired.

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Yesterday we did something we have been wanting to do ever since we arrived here and heard about this place.  We hit the road at 6am and headed down The Great Ocean Road.  This is a road that runs along the south coast of Australia and boasts some of the harshest coastlines you have ever seen.

Our first stop was in Torquay where we had a quick breakfast at McDonalds before hitting the coast proper on the way to Lorne.  This is a small beachside town that is very much a tourist spot.  It kinda reminded me of a small Mount Maunganui in New Zealand.  We had some morning tea at a cafe there and then went up the hill to Erskine Falls.  The falls are only a short walk from the carpark, but on a very steep grade.  The hike was well worth the effort though.  At the bottom, you can actually climb up right to the base of the falls.  Very cool indeed.

Once we were done at the falls we went back into Lorne and walked out on the pier.  This goes way, way out into the water and is a popular fishing spot.  The water was a beautiful emerald green and very very clear.  From up on the pier you could see the ocean floor easily.  Our plan for the day was to have fish and chips on the beach in Apollo Bay, so that is where we headed next.

It was a long and winding road, but the road hugs the coast the whole way.  Every corner presents an amazing vista of rocks, cliffs, sand and rugged coast.  We stopped a couple times for some pics, and were rewarded with a lovely cool ocean breeze to take the edge of a day of more than 30 degrees.  We were soon in Apollo Bay and looking for a fish and chip shop.  We were thinking that being a neat little beach side town, the fish and chips and would be amazing.  Oh how wrong we were!  We paid $6.50 for a piece of fish that was about 20cm long and covered in oily, sticky barely cooked batter.  The chips looked like they were a mix of todays and yesterdays.  It was all so oily that the paper the stuff came on was tranparent with grease by the time we finished.  Gross.

Fortunately, about 30 meters over a sandbank from where we had lunch was the beach.  We walked over the sandbank and were presented with a magnificent sight.  A gorgeous natural harbour with water as clear as crystal, flat and not choppy.  Just beautiful.  In a flash we were in the water.  Even at chest deep, the water was still clear.  We mucked around for ages throwing around a ball we found.  When we were wrecked from chasing the ball, we just sat in the water and let it lap around us.  It was really the highlight of the day.

But there was more to see so we hit the road again.  The goal this time was The 12 Apotles, a coastal rock formation created as the coast has eroded over hundreds of years.  When we got there, they certainly lived up to their reputation.  The formations are truly majestic as they rise out of the ocean in defiance of the advancing sea.  There are no longer twelve formations as some of them have fallen down, but in the afternoon sun, they were stunning.  We took a zillion photos before shooting back to a place where you could walk down the cliff face and walk along the beach.  Again, this was breathtaking.  It made me realise how small I am in the big scheme of things.

Final stop for the day was another rock formation called London Bridge.  It used to be a two arch bridge, but the arch linking the mainland to the second arch fell down so now there is just an isolated arch.  Still very beautiful nonetheless.  Then we had the long drive home.  We followed an inland road back home and arrived back tired, sun burned, sandy, but thoroughly happy with a great day out seeing this beautiful country.

We took like, a zillin photos this day, so if you want to see them all, e.mail me and I will send you a link to them… 






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This morning I had my interview for the Administration Manager position currently advertised for my office.  It was a pretty full on interview, with tonnes of questions and the need to give examples for some of the answers.  It took just over 50 minutes and in addition to this, I have three tests that I need to complete.  No pressure!  The tests shouldn’t be too bad though, one is a time management test, one a computer proficiency check and the last one is an attention to detail test – they will send me a document full of mistakes and I have to make it perfect.

They were interviewing two other people for the job.  The role is due to start on February 1st, so I guess we will all find out very soon.  I am pretty confident, as the work is very similar to what I used to do at ACC, but if there is one phrase I have learned to live by in the last few years, it is: “Don’t hold your breath!”.

So, until next time, watch this space…

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New beginnings!

I have had a bit of a break from writing over the last couple of weeks.  Today, I am back, with itchy fingers, ready to share with you our adventures.  We have moved to a new house, are looking at a new job, its all happening.

Please join with me as we find our way through this big wide world.

Its adventure time!

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