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Moving day!

Well, this is it!  Tonight is the last night for us in our house.  Tomorrow is moving day.  We already have heaps done, and only have the big stuff to do, so it should all go relatively smoothly.  The weather is supposed to be good too, so that is a bonus.

Will post up a vid of the new place once we are all settled.

Nite nite!


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Busy bees

Well, I said last time that it looks like we were going to be very busy and oh how right I was.

Last time I posted we had been through some open homes and made an application for one.  The good news on that front is that our application was accepted.  So we are officially on the move.  We will be moving out of here on the 19th of December.  Only a week or so away, but we should be able to make the move smoothly.

Still waiting to hear about the job.  Not sure why it is taking them so long to let us know who got it.  There were only three of us that applied so it can’t be that big of a task.  Anyway, we must wait, and wait.

Go, go, go.

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This could end up being a bit of a busy week!

We found out last week that we are going to have to move house.  No big deal as we were thinking of moving anyway.  We have until near the end of January so we have a bit of time up our sleeve too, which is good.  We had a look at three open homes over the weekend.  The first one was only two bedrooms, but was $250 per week.  Compared with what we are in now, it is not really worth looking at that one.  The second one was also two bedrooms, but was only $240 but the carpet was in bad state, and the section looked like it would need major attention – something I am just not into when I am renting.  The third house was very nice, $240 per week.  Three bedrooms, actually more like two bedrooms and a  big study off the lounge.  Nice inside, open plan kitchen / dining / lounge, ensuite, internal access garage, close to bus stop, KH and friends houses.  We grabbed an application form from the agent and headed home to fill it in.

Today I heard from my two reference people that they had been called by the agent.  I’m guessing that means we have advanced further than the initial culling stage.  Hopefully we will hear something soon.  Watch this space…

Also last week, there was a job advertised at my work.  I am an Account Service Representative and the position advertised is Senior Account Service Representative.  In my current job, I have my own clients that I look after on my run.  A Senior ASR fills in when people are away, does urgent jobs and does a little bit of office work.  It will make a nice change from what I am doing now, but is not such a major change as to have to relearn a whole new skill set.  So put in an application and found out today that I have an interview tomorrow morning.  Again, watch this space….

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