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Today we were treated to quite a sight.  The city was smashed by a fast moving storm that left a fair bit of carnage in its wake.  Fortunately I was inside when it hit, although I did have to run out to my car at one stage…



Here comes the wall of rain….



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The title to this entry pretty much sums up last week!

Work has been busy this week, to make things more difficult, we have had some more hot, hot weather.  Lets just say we spent a lot of time in the mid thirties okay?  Everyone is wondering if the weather is like this now, what will it be like when Summer arrives properly?  Yikes.

With that hot weather in mind, we hit the beach on Thursday night with some mates from our congo.  It was such a perfect evening.  The sun was out until just after 8.30pm and the water was lovely and tepid.  Great for cooling off, but not too cold.  Very nice.  To top it off we got the biggest pile of fish and chips I have ever seen for dinner.  There was more than enough to feed the 30 or so people that were there.  Yum.

Saturday was our Special Assembly Day and man, the day just flew by.  I had to be there early as I am a fire evacuation warden and we were having a fire drill.  A strong round of coffee dealt with any early morning fuzz.  The program was as usual excellent, and it was nice to finally have a job at an assembly where I could actually listen to most of what was being said.  I have been given the job of Assistant Accounts Overseer which pretty much means its my job to count the money.  All this entails is collecting and counting the donations after the sessions start and getting it ready for banking.  It was quite a treat to be able to hear 98% of the program.

With no meeting yesterday due to the S.A.D being on the day before, we spent the day in FS with our old friends the Reynolds.  We did some RVs for a few hours before we got tired of the rain.  The rain which had finally come after a stinking hot week.

I have the day off work today.  Long story, here is the short version:

Mrs B has had her passport renewed so we need to pick it up from the Japanese Consulate in the city.  I booked Friday off work so that we could go and get this done.  After having my leave approved by my manager, a couple of days later I was approached by my Vault Manager and asked if I could change my leave day to another day as someone else had the week off and we would have too many away on the Friday.  Bit of a pain, since my manager had already approved it (obviously without checking to see who else was on leave).  So I said sweet, I will take the Monday of instead.  Last week on Tuesday Mrs B says to me UH OH.  I said WHATS UP and she said Monday is a public holiday in Japan so the Consulate will be closed.  Great.  Don’t get me wrong, its nice to have a day off, but it would also be nice to have been able to use this day of leave as part of a longer holiday or to actually get something useful done.

We are going into the city to have breakfast to make ourselves feel better.

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It is yet another beautiful sunny Melbourne day today, so what did me and the boys do this afternoon?  In a word:


First game of the summer and all of us are in pain.  Old muscles unused for months are now creaking and squeaking.  New bruises are forming on our legs.  The callouses on our hands are hardening.

Smell the willow, feel the cork.  Put on some sunscreen, summer is here baby!

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The heat is on…

Oh yeah, the sun is setting in for the Summer. Sure it is only Spring, but boy, is the sun making its presence felt. We have had a run of thirty plus degree days and it looks like we have another week of them ahead. We got up to 34 today. Phew!IMG01001-20091107-1445

Yesterday we were out in the sun painting, doing the final bit of work needed for our KH renovations.  Thankfully it is all done, I’m not sure I could survive a fourth weekend painting a fence in the hot Aussie sun!  We are all glad it is done, the whole place looks much tidier, and the front fence has been relocated to a new spot so that the council can change the layout of the intersection.  It is a bad spot, there was a fatality there last year, and we are constantly hearing the screech of brakes and the blare of horns during the meeting as people continue to try and shorten their lives out there.

We had a mad week at work last week.  It was a short week due to Tuesday being a public holiday (thankyou Melbourne Cup!) so we had to cram five days worth of work into four.  Yikes.  Tuesday was good though, we went for a drivIMGP0157e to a little town called Bacchus Marsh that has nearby a place called the Lerderderg Gorge.  Last year on Cup Day we went to the same place, and thought that we would make it an annual thing to go there and do the bushwalk to Grahams Dam.  The sun was shining down, not mega hot, but hot enough and so with the promise of some later overcast-ness we set off down the track.  It is about a 40 minute walk during which you cross a wide stream a couple of times, hear a zillion wild animals rustling in the bushes and enjoy the peace that only the bush can bring.  We arrived at Grahams Dam (the corner of the stream where the water gets stuck when the rest of the stream dries up) and sloshed through the water hole.  The water was lovely and cool, little too cool for swimming, but nice enough to lower the body temp a bit.  We lay down our towels, pulled out our books and chilled to the max.

We sunned and read for more than an hour and then made the pleasant trek back to the car.  There were heaps of families at the carpark and the BBQ area nearby, it was one of those days where everyone was in a great mood and just loving what Australia has to offer.  Hell yeah.


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The album is called RADITUDE and here is the video for the first release from the album called If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To).  Like all Weezer vids, it is hilarious!

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Finally the week is over, and the weekend is well underway.  We have had some lovely weather this week, although, having said that, on Friday night we were treated to the most amazing thunder and lightning storm I have seen since the night we took the bus out of Mackay a few years ago.  Nevertheless, the weather has been wonderful, hovering close to 30 degrees all week.  Working in a shirt and tie was a bit of a pain, but by Tuesday, most of us had ditched the ties in favour of the “not fainting in front of our clients” strategy.

On Thursday after the meeting, it was still 23 degrees so Mrs B and I cracked open a couple of beers, dragged some chairs onto the patio and nibbled on peanuts and rice crackers while we stared at the stars.  It was a very pleasant evening, nice and balmy.

Yesterday was again a scorcher, but still, we went out on FS and beat the feet around the territory.  Met some very nice people and had a couple of good talks, but had to call it off just after 11am as it was just too hot.  We made a split second decision once we wrapped up FS and decided to go to the beach.  Located where we are, we are blessed with a number of beaches to choose from.  We decided on Ocean Grove.IMG00975-20091031-1634

It was a beautiful drive out there, the sun streaming in the window, Weezer cranking on the stereo, the wind in our hair.  Once we passed through Geelong though, when we looked over towards Ocean Grove, there seemed to be a some clouds hanging over it.  Undeterred we continued on and the sky steadily became more grey.  Turns out that even though it was blazing hot back home, it was an overcast day at Ocean Grove.  Still we headed down to ‘our spot’ parked the car and were soon knee deep in briny.  It was too cold to go swimming, so we went for a monster walk along the shoreline, hopped over  rock pools, searched in vain for crabs to hassle and laughed at the kids throwing sand at each other.  There were so many people around all in a great mood frolicking in the waves and just enjoying the day.

When we finished our walk, we went back up to the car and spent the next hour or so with our noses in books.  We are both reading some goodies at the moment so we were ‘in the zone’ and oblivious to the worldIMG00977-20091031-1637 around us.

Being a Saturday at the beach, we next thought that the best thing to do would be to find some ice cream or a milk shake.  So we shot into town and found Foam, the local hang out for all things cold and runny (that sounds gross, but you know what I mean).  Mrs B ordered a tall iced coffee and for me, my new favourite: lime thickshake.  Talk about pleasure in a cup!  They were so delicious.  We will definitely be going back there next time we are in Ocean Grove.

We finished the day with a great little Aussie movie called My Year Without Sex.  We saw a trailer for it a while back and thought it looked funny.  It was more of a  drama comedy.  It is a lovely story about family life and how near tragedy can change things.  Well worth a look if you can find it.  Only two f-bombs, no nudity.  Just a really nice story that might bring a tear to your eye.

It is now Sunday morning.  I have the public talk today, so I guess I had better go and figure out what I am going to say.

‘Til next time.

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