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Painting in the sun


Today saw the continuation of our painting mission.  The weather was so much better than last weekend which made things a lot easier.  Not to say that the weather was bad last weekend, but today it was 25 degrees and beautiful blue sky as far as the eye could see.  Very good weather for painting.

All of the prep work we did last weekend made the job a lot easier too.  By having that done, it meant that we could get straight into the painting today.  The relocated front fence at the Hall looks good.  By the end of the day it was pretty much completed.  When we left, they were hanging the last few railings.  These last few railings will be our last painting job and the last part of the outside parts of the renovations.  It is all looking rather nice.

But now, the end of the day has come and it is time for beer, carrot sticks, celery stalks and chippies…


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Oh my aching feet

I have just stepped out of a steaming hot shower, thrown on some comfy clothes and sat down here with an ice cold beer.  My feet are killing me.  My shoulder is numb.  My back feels like balsa wood.  It was all for a good cause though.

Today we smashed through phase one of painting the fence at our Hall.  Not just any fence.  80 meters of iron railings.  80 meters that had to be wire brushed on both sides and washed before being painted.  The team did a great job though, we thought we would only get the wire brushing done, but we got all that done and about a third of the painting.  It was awesome to see everyone working together in their little teams, working away feverishly.  It all means that next weekend we have much less work to do.

This is all part of some renovations we are doing at the hall.  The local council is hacking off part of our corner (we are a corner section) so that the intersection (one of the most dangerous in town) can be safe-erised.  They have compensated us very well for the trouble.  We have had to remove and relocate a section of the fence to accommodate the new turning bay.  We have taken the opportunity to do a whole lot of other stuff at the same time.  May as well get it all done eh?  We are repainting the inside, re-barking and covering the gardens, putting some air-con in the second hall along with some new carpet.  It will all look positively pleasant once all is done.

In the meantime, it’s time I got back to my beer.

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The sun is shining down outside.  I’m sitting on the couch sipping a coffee that I have infused with Maca, the Peruvian wonder plant.  I have a half finished crossword next to me staring at me challenging me, goading me into completing it.  Mrs B snoozes in the bedroom.  The sun continues to shine.

I have some time off at the moment.  I took Wednesday, yesterday and today off work.  We had to get Mrs B’s passport renewed in the city on Wednesday.  Once done there, we just wandered round for a while.  The picture below is taken at Retro, our favourite cafe in Fitzroy.  The place is full of old 70s retro furniture and artifacts.  It has such a chilled out atmosphere and is just great.  The staff are cruisy and mellow and the food is fantastic.  Anyone who comes to stay with us will at some stage find themselves at Retro.


Yesterday we went to an outlet shopping centre called DFO.  For those in New Zealand, it is a bit like Dress Smart (Dress Mart?).  The trouble is, at this one, the discounts were few and far between.  Last year we went to the DFO in the city by the Southern Cross train station, and from memory things there were much cheaper.  Not sure what was up with all that.  By the time we had walked around there and bought nothing, we were so tired.  Just a nice relaxed holiday kind of tired.  So we came home and had a nap before the meeting.

As I said, today is lovely and sunny again, so I think we might have to go for a long, long drive and find somewhere for dinner….

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Yeah baby, this is where we spent our Sunday afternoon. Just sitting in the sun, reading, chatting and sucking in the fresh sea air.

IMGP0075 - Copy

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New posts

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Not quite Friday, not quite the weekend.


Love to our Samoan brothers in their time of need.

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