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Man, I am SO over being sick.

I guess the good thing is that I am finally feeling better.  The sore throat has gone, the headache has gone, but the clogged up head still remains.  I am in that wonderful stage of blowing tonnes of sticky green crap out of my nose.  Lovely.  I’m sure you get the picture.

I’ve had the last three days off work and will return tomorrow.  A small part of me misses the daily grind.  Does that make me weird?  I don’t think so, I think it just means that I like my job.  The truth is though, I will only be back at work for one day as I have this Friday off for our convention and next Monday off as a recovery day.

I’m sure I can handle one day of work!


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The sniffles

As is the case with any male who has a cold, I think I am dying.  Surely the sweet release of death mustn’t be far away.  My nose is running and itchy, I keep sneezing, my throat is sore and my ears are blocked.  My sinus’ feel like a dam ready to explode and I have barely enough energy to type on my laptop.  The end must surely be near.

It seems like only last month that I was sick, so why am I getting clobbered again?  Because of stupid people and their filthy habits.  We have this guy at my work who seems to hate being clean.  Now I am not a clean freak, but when you have a group of people sharing a few computers don’t be a pig and cough all over them.  Do the decent thing and cover your mouth.  In fact go one better and stay at home and save us all the pain.

Not happy.

Mr Grumpy.

Now, time to share a couple of photos I snapped during the week.  On Monday I was sitting at the lights just off the freeway at the Toorak Rd off ramp.  I look in my wing mirror at the car behind me and do a classic Scooby Doo double take.  Is that?  Is it?  I am pretty sure it was Hugh Jackman at the wheel.  He lives in Melbourne and I was coming up to one of the hoity toity areas of the city.  He was in a nice Audi.  Judge for yourself:


Close up:

Copy of IMG00787-20090817-1011

And last night on my way home there was a massive rain / storm cloud bearing down on us.  It is so flat where we live that you can see for miles so when this kind of thing comes along, they look spectacular.



Last of all, I will be cheering England on as they go into day 3 of the Ashes tonight.  They have the upper hand and need to press home the advantage tonight.

Be good.

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People who know me will know that I am a mad as anything super bigtime mega fan of the worlds greatest geeky alternative rock band Weezer.  You can imagine my joy in learning that they have a new album coming out at the end of October.  I am totally stoked and can’t wait.  I may even have to camp in front of JB Hifi in order to get my hands on an early copy. The album will be called RADITUDE.

The first single has just been released called “IF YOU ARE WONDERING IF I WANT YOU TO, I WANT YOU TO”, here it is for your listening pleasure!

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What the…?

I opened up me old blog here this morning and noticed something. What did I notice? I noticed that a blog post I had made during the week has not appeared on the main page here. Weird. I wonder where it went?

I’m sure whatever it was that I wrote was deeply insightful, full of double entendres and witticisms.

However, just for now, you’ll have to put up with the usual crap.

Ho hum.  Its a grey day outside, was crazy windy last night and is raining fitfully.  At least the birds are loving it.  They are chirping and squawking raucously outside.  Making quite the racket they are.  Might have to call noise control.  Teach those birds a lesson.

Yes I am bored.  Might be time to go to the library and get a new book.  The last one I read totally sucked.  It was called CODEX.  If you see it in the shop, don’t buy it.  Nothing happens and then it ends.  That is probably the best synopsis I can write.  Very disappointing.

I’m eating a cream donut at the moment.  They call them longjohns over here.  Its nice.  It has cream in it and a squiggle of jam along the top.  Its not really helping with the boredom though.


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I just made an update on my other blog The Forex Ninja.  Please take a moment to have a look at my wrap up of my adventures in the Forex market last week.  Enjoy.


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We got a bit of a surprise this week when my salary went into my bank account.  I got paid more than the usual amount.  I thought that there had been some sort of mistake.

Oh no, no indeed, that was not the case.

It was I who was mistaken.

I checked with my boss today and said that I thought I had been paid too much.  I showed him my payslip and he says, “No, that is your leave loading.”  “My what?” I replied, to which my boss then went on to explain that in Australia, when you go on leave, THEY PAY YOU MORE.  17% more in fact.  For each day off you have, the normal pay for that day off is increased by 17%.

They pay you more money when you have time off?


I will say it again: I love this country.

Thank you Mr Rudd.  Love you long time.

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