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Is it just me or did the week absolutlely blaze past?


Its the weekend.



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Well the time has flashed by, and now, I find that my time off has come to an end.  The last couple of days have seen us pull right back and slow the pace down big time.  We wanted to make the most of the time left before I had to go back to work.

Friday was nice.  We went in FS in the morning and then pretty much for the rest of the day we sat on the couch and blobbed reading our books.  We read for hours!  Suddenly it was evening and the day had passed.  Very nice.

IMG00727-20090725-1503On Saturday we woke up about 11am and mucked around with a leisurely breakfast before heading down the coast to Geelong.  It was very windy so we didn’t venture out too far from the car.  It was pretty windy, but otherwise the day was beautiful so we sat in the sun and soaked it up.  While there we tried vainly to find a fish and chip shop, but couldn’t (what the heck is wrong with this place??) so ambled back home and went to the local one.  We then proceeded to watch three, yes, three movies in a row.  What a marathon!  The best one was a french movie with the second most beautiful woman in the world (Mrs B is number one of course!), Audrey Tautou.  It was called “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” and is a twisted little tale.  Just when you think it is clear what is going on, everything gets flipped on its head.  Wonderful.

After getting to bed well after 2am we rose late again today.  And again, we pretty much did nothing.  I guess that is what holidays are for though eh?  This afternoon we went to have a look around Target and then went to Williamstown to our favourite little spot: Culture Cafe.  We of course ordered the rosemary seasoned chips and garlic mayo with a touch of curry and yak
ked with each other for ages while flipping through trashy fashion magazines.  My idea of heaven.


Well, back to work tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to it actually.  I guess that means I love my job!

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All I can say is WOW.

Today we had what could honestly be described as a once in a lifetime experience.

This morning we got up early and made our way into the city so that we could go to the Salvador Dali exhibition – Liquid Desire.  The exhibition started about a month ago and runs until September and was one of the main reasons why I took the time off this week.  It is not every day that you get to see up close the artwork of one of the genuine masters, and indeed a master of my favourite art genre: surrealism.

I don’t know what it is that draws me to surrealist art, cubist art and dadaist art, but something about it just envelops me.  You can see something new appear before you, the longer that you look at an image.  It is a wonderful feeling as the images clash and your brain tries to make sense of what is presented before you.

I thought I knew a fair bit about Dali and his work, but the exhibition we went to today at the National Gallery of Victoria really opened my eyes to his strange world.  The exhibition showed works done when he was as young as 12 years old, to his surrealist best, right through to his photographic and videographic work towards the end of his career.  It was genuinely awesome to see the work up close, to be able to see his brush strokes and to read about what was going through his mind as it spilled out of him and on to the canvas.

I can’t put into words what a privilege it was to see the work.  It was just plain awesome.

Here is my favourite Dali work, it is called Galatea and is a portrait of his wife Gala.  He painted this after the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and he had done some research into how atoms work and can be forcibly separated.  Kinda takes the work to a whole new level.  To see the rest of the pics I took, click on the Photos tab at the top of the page.  To see the whole lot from the day we spent in the city, e.mail me.


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Holidays! Day 1

Well, I’ll be honest –  I love not having to go to work!

We had a very lazy morning this morning.  We got out of bed at about 9am and then just lazed about the house and drank coffee.  Once we built up the energy, we headed off to a place called Sunshine, where there is a shop that sells glasses at factory prices.  It was a bit of a new experience for us as we worked the guy over to get a discount!  The glasses were already cheap, but after a bit of acting and looking unhappy, I managed to score an extra $140 off the price.  Not a bad effort if I do say so myself!  The new glasses should take about a week and a half to be made.  All good.  Both of us really like our new frames.

Once we were done there we came back to Hoppers Crossing and went to the library.  You’ll never guess what I got out from there so I will tell you: A BIGGLES BOOK.  For some reason, during the week, something got me thinking about Biggles, not sure what it was, but it led me to looking him up on Wikipedia.  Reading through the information brought back many happy childhood memories.  Memories of staying up late riveted to the unfolding action, searching second hand bookshops for unread titles and getting thoroughly engrossed in the adventures of Biggles, Algy, Ginger and Bertie.  It has been years since I read a Biggles book.  It turns out that there are about 15 Biggles books at our library plus one omnibus that has 4 books contained in it.  So, being on holiday, I got the omnibus!  I figure I have the time at the moment, so why not have a crack at it!  As the man himself says, “If you can fly a Sopwith Camel, you can fly anything!”  Good times.

Tomorrow we are off to the city for the day.  We are going to catch an early breakfast in Fitzroy (one of the coolest retro groove parts of the city) and then go to the Salvador Dali exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Can’t wait!

And in breaking news, I got a call from the laptop hospital today and my laptop is ready to be picked up!  Woohoo! I thought it would be another week or so but it is all ready to go!  Yay!

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News Flash

You might remember a little while ago, I mentioned that my laptop was having some problems. Well things came to a head last week when it took me three whole hours to even get the thing to turn on properly. So, with extended warranty in hand (so glad I paid for that now!) I have taken it to be repaired.

It looks like it will be about two weeks before I get it back, which is a bit of a hassle, but the parts have to come from Singapore.  Never mind, at least I will have a laptop that works properly when it returns.  It sounds like there is something wrong with the video card in it, which means that the laptop powers up and all, but there is no image on the screen.  Kinda makes it hard to use when you can’t see anything!

So for that reason, my blog posts might be a little sporadic over the next couple of weeks as I have to pry Mrs B’s hands off her laptop and negotiate copious amounts of foot massages in order to use her machine.

Such is life.

In other news I have some time off next week!  I have taken Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off work.  We are going to spend the time chiling out around Melbourne, taking in the sights.  We are finally going to get along to the Salvador Dali exhibition, visit the Queen Victoria Markets and will try and get along to some live jazz somewhere.


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Hot Rod

As you all know, I am truly a nerd at heart.  Don’t let the stylish way I dress and groom fool you, I am a geek. 

As such, one of my favourite naughty pleasures is geeky nerdy films where the hero is a loser.  I love it when the nerds come out on top.  I love Napoleon Dynamite and all films of the same ilk.

It just so happens that this evening, Mrs B and I were listening to some music while we read our books and John Farnham’s “You’re the Voice” came out of my iPod.  This triggered in our minds, one of the greatest movie scenes ever, from one of the greatest geek movies ever: Hot Rod.  It is the story of a guy, his bike, and his desire to jump over things on his bike to impress his dying stepdad.  The kind of storyline that Academy Awards puke on.  Anyway, here is the scene, which we found on YouTube, in all its glory.  It is Rod and the gang gettting ready for the final big scene in the movie.  If you can find it in the video shop, RENT IT.

You used to beat us up at school, but now, geeks rule the world.

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This week has gone fast!

Good news today – I got a new car!  A new work car that is.  At last I have a Toyota Corolla.  So stoked!  Talk about driving in comfort, much more comfort that the ol’ Berlingo.  I will miss the old girl but really like the new wheels.

We have decided to have a lazy day tomorrow so are going to wag FS.  We are going to make the most of the time we have and do pretty much nothing.  We were supposed to be going to a BBQ tomorrow, but the family who was hosting it have all come down sick so it has been put off.  I was looking forward to a midwinter BBQ, I guess I will just have to wait.

Right, off to watch a DVD, read my book and drift off to a nice deeeeeeeep sleeeeeeep.

Also, I have made a new post in my other blog: The Forex Ninja

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