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So this swine flu thing is starting to get everyone worried.

It has certainly taken a hold in Australia and most definitley hit Victoria the hardest.  Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Canberra, South Australia and Tasmania only have a handful of cases whereas New South Wales has 48.  Then there is a big jump to 138 cases here in Victoria.  There is a good chart in this news article here for more information.

The same article goes on to talk about how the state and federal governments are thinking of closing down all the schools in Victoria in an attempt to stem the flow of new infections.  No-one can figure out why there are so many cases here in comparison with the other states.  It makes sense that the numbers are the strongest in the east and dwindle off as you go west as the east coast is where most tourists would come on holidays etc.  But as to why there is such a big number here in Victoria is a mystery.

We had a bit of a reality check last night when they showed on the news a school where a couple of kids had been confirmed as having the early stages of the flu and where they were thinking of sending all the students home for a week.  Why the reality check?  Well, this school is two streets away from where we live.  A bit of a worry?  Yes.

The next step in the pandemic plan is for all big events and gatherings to be cancelled or postponed.  This means all AFL games, all NRL games, all rugby games, all concerts, festivals and shopping centres would be closed.  Think about what that means.  That is massive.  Obviously this would affect meetings should it come into force and we have a convention coming up soon that could also be affected.

So we are doing all those things we were taught as kids: wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough and be hygienic!  All things we know of course, but when you look around a foodcourt or shopping centre, you can’t help but feel paranoid.


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Well this week has just flown past.  Somehow it is Thursday already.  Where has the week gone?

The weather has been quite ordinary this week.  Foggy one day, 20 degrees the next, pouring with rain the next.  All over the show.  This is so typically Melbourne in the Winter we are told.

We have just had dinner, Mrs B’s world famous meatballs with that GORGEOUS sauce.  Mmmmm mmmm yummy yum.

Off to the meeting soon, then to bed for some badly needed beauty sleep.

P.S – Don’t ride the roller coaster with this guy.


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Weekends *sigh*


It is that time of the weekend that I think I love the most.  We went in the field service yesterday, went shopping, went to a cafe (minted hot chocolate in ‘cuddle’ mugs – see pic on the right), watched a DVD, went to the meeting this morning and in service again this afternoon.  We caught up with friends and now we are at the point where everything has been done, we have ticked all the boxes and it is time to just blob. 

Sure we are relaxed and chilled from our other activities over the weekend, but this is the time where there is nothing left to do but sit back, put your feet up and revel in those last few hours of the weekend.  The last little hurrah before we get back into the routine of the week.  A chance to farewell a fondly cared for friend we call the weekend.

Mrs B has a glass of wine in her hand and is perched on the couch, feet up and checking on the news from Japan.  I am on the other couch, also with feet up, typing this blog entry.  Next to me on the armrest of the couch are the two books I am reading at the moment and which I will again delve into shortly.  On the floor is a pile of DVDs from two dollar Tuesday at Civic which we may or may not feel motivated to watch later.  Tinkling through the air is the playlist from my iPod called “Shane’s Greatest Hits”.



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As regular readers will know, I love the weekends!  They are a chance to break away from work, do whatever we want, and recharge our batteries.  Having been self employed for the last few years, I have a new appreciation for the weekends.  You see, before I never really got to fully take advantage of the weekends.  When you are self employed, you pretty much never leave work.  There is always something to do.  Some forms to fill out.  Some accounts to square up.  Some invoices to send. 

Now, working for a big company again, I really love the fact that I can come home each night, forget about work and have a good nights sleep without having to be up late finalising stuff from the previous day.  Friday at work has such a neat buzz about it as people talk about what they are planning to do, how drunk they are going to get, which footy game they are going to watch, which places they are going to visit.  There is a sense of anticipation in the air that is palpable. 

When Saturday dawns, the reality of a couple of days off materialises.  You have the choice to do whatever you want.  No routine.  No timeframes.  Just whatever you want.  Stay in bed?  Have a coffee?  Eat some bacon and eggs?  Go shopping?  Watch DVDs all day?  Climb a mountain?  Blob out on the couch with a good book and a supply of chips and dip? 

The choice is yours. 

Whatever you do, make sure you take the opportunity to say a little thankyou to the Universe for providing us with a little bit off time off where we can be ourselves.

Domo arigato gozaimasu.

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So I mentioned to you all that I was thinking of re-jigging my blog.  Well, I guess, continuing the legacy at a new location sure fits in with the whole ‘revamp’ idea.

You probably noticed at my original blog (www.ezakimak.blogspot.com) that I had a go at changing the background and the fonts etc.  To be honest, I wasn’t happy with the way it came out.  There are only a few tweaks you can make with Blogger blogs, so I have decided that WordPress is where it is at.  Lots more flexibility.  Fun times ahead!

The bad news is, I think I might be coming down with the flu or something.  I’ve got a bit of a gum ache, an ever so slightly scratchy throat, and just generally a weird feeling.  Gonna have a nice long bath, have some ice cream with espresso drizzled over it and then go to bed like a good little boy.


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